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MicroControllers and Electronics

Welcome to my electronics page, mostly focused on Basic52 and Atmel AVR microcontrollers.

For Basic52 you may want to start from looking at a configuration that I call 'core', this configuration is a basis for all my Basic52 experiments.

More recently I've switched using AVR, and programming in C++ for best performace, so most AVR projects you'll find are in C++.

I am using OSX on my development machine, and have made no attempt to validate that any of the code can be built on any other platform.

For the curious, equipment wise I have a relatively old DSO (Tek's TDS210), universal programmer for EPROMS and microcontrollers, and CadSoft's Eagle CAD for schematics capture and PCB layout (the personal/hobby version is quite reasonable priced). I have not set up PCB etching facilities for myself, so I'm building stuff by point-to-point soldering on solder breadboard with wirewap wire.

For prototyping of strange new hardware I do use solderless breadboard.


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