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Infrared repeater

I built this MCU based infrared repeater to allow me to control my A/V equipment that is behind a wall. The system is very simple.

Power is supplied to CON1 from a cheap Alcatel phone charger that outputs stabilized 12V, passes through reverse voltage protection diode to IC1 that outputs 5V VCC. Atmel AVR microcontroller runs from 4MHz ceramic resonator Y1, C3+R1 form a reset circuit. Infrared detector (TSOP1738 in my case) is connected to INT0 input, C1+R2 are for detector power filtering. There is a green indicator LED D2 connected to PB2, and two 940nm infrared leds D1,D3 connected to PB3 via driver transistor Q1. R6 limits current through IR leds, and C2 is good to have if the IR diodes are at the end of long wires. I have separate board with R5,Q1,D1,D3,R6,C2 at the end of cable, but you may choose to build the whole circuit on single board and lengthen the wire that goes to detector.

The code is short and sweet, after initialization the interrupt handler takes care of everything - while the detector output is low, indicator led stays lit and a 39.2kHz burst of infrared is emitted from IR diodes.

; infrared repeater with AVR 90S2313 microcontroller
; Madis Kaal, mast@nomad.ee

    .include "2313def.inc"

; port b pins
.equ    LED     = 2                 ; indicator led (active low)
.equ    IR_OUT  = 3                 ; infrared led driver (active high)

; port d pins
.equ    IR_IN   = 2                 ; infrared detector (active low)

.set    GIE     = 7                 ; interrupt enable bit in sreg
.def    acc     = R16
.def    cnt     = R17

        .org    0
        rjmp     RESET              ; Reset Handler
        rjmp     EXT_INT0           ; IRQ0 Handler
        rjmp     EXT_INT1           ; IRQ1 Handler
        rjmp     TIM_CAPT1          ; Timer1 Capture Handler
        rjmp     TIM_COMP1          ; Timer1 Compare Handler
        rjmp     TIM_OVF1           ; Timer1 Overflow Handler
        rjmp     TIM_OVF0           ; Timer0 Overflow Handler
        rjmp     UART_RXC           ; UART RX Complete Handler
        rjmp     UART_DRE           ; UDR Empty Handler
        rjmp     UART_TXC           ; UART TX Complete Handler
        rjmp     ANA_COMP           ; Analog Comparator Handler

    reti                            ; ignore interrupts that we dont need

; invoked when IR receiver output goes low
; activates indicator led, outputs burst of infrared until
; the detector output goes inactive again, then turns off
; the indicator led
        push    R0
        in      R0,SREG
        cbi     portb,LED

; output 39.2khz burst of ir while the input stays low
;      12.75uS
;     ________
; ___|        |_______|
        sbi     portb,IR_OUT        ; IR led on
        rcall   wait125
        wdr                         ; kick the watchdog
        cbi     portb,IR_OUT        ; IR led off
        rcall   wait125
        sbis    pind,IR_IN          ; check the detector again
        rjmp    irloop              ; and keep flashing the led if still active
        sbi     portb,LED           ; indicator off
        out     SREG,R0             ; recover state
        pop     R0

        ldi     cnt,13
w1:     dec     cnt
        brne    w1

        ldi     acc,0xdf            ; set stack to end of ram
        out     SPL,acc

        ; set I/O directions
        ; d2 input, rest of d is output
        ; b is output

        ldi     acc,0x04
        out     portb,acc
        ldi     acc,0xfb
        out     ddrd,acc
        ldi     acc,0xff
        out     ddrb,acc

        ; enable watchdog

        ldi     acc,0x1b
        out     wdtcr,acc

        ; enable INT0 interrupts on falling edge

        ldi     acc,0x42
        out     mcucr,acc
        ldi     acc,0x40
        out     gimsk,acc
        bset    GIE                ; enable interrupts

; loop and kick the watchdog, waiting for interrupts to
; happen

        rjmp    mainloop

Copyright © Madis Kaal 2000-