SLICK! windowing toolkit

SLICK! is a simple windowing toolkit which was designed with low overhead and ease of use in mind. I actually started with it circa 1991, back then DESQview was a big hit. Today, the whole thing still shows it, but is in no way limited without DESQview. I'm using this library for almost all my programming projects which need user interface under DOS. It now has

  • Usual window functions (create, close, output)
  • Basic low-level functions, all written in ASM
  • Menu engine (rudimentary, but easy to use)
  • Mouse driver which works under DESQview as well as without it
  • Auto-detects all video parameters
  • Smart snow check, activates only on CGA by default
  • Allows user-defined virtual screens (set any segment for screen)
  • Virtual windows (using preallocated memory buffer)
  • International language support (with country info)

It is still very much OK for embedded machines which have limited resources and can live with text mode (or pseudo-graphical, see below).

CWLOOK gives your programs a C-Worthy look (like NetWare utilities) using only a handful of functions and 10K of C source (you need SLICK! as well, of course). It has proved to be very efficent tool for quick-and-dirty tools and utilities.

GRAPHSCR shows you how to create menus and windows with SLICK! in graphical screen mode. It does not work well in DOS window under Win95 but it shows a concept and has been used at least in one specialized, half-embedded system.

Download SLICK!
Download CWLOOK
download GRAPHSCR

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