Mastgate is a set of programs for implementing dial-up UUCP gateway for Pegasus Mail. (I now have have a mirror of ftp.let.rug.nl distribution site here as well.). MASTGATE is shareware. It is not crippled in any way and is fully functional without any expiration time etc.

  • Export is a program that converts outbound UUCP mail from PMAIL's gateway format (with "glue" headers) to separate files for UUCICO.
  • Glue is a poor mans replacement for PMAIL 3. David Harris made up the name and the concept for this program. It basically scans messages and rewrites them with "glue" headers (if the message does not have these yet).
  • Import does the reverse of export - takes files received by UUCICO and delivers them to NetWare mail directories. Basically, it extracts the user name from the RFC address and looks for a NetWare user with the same name. If none is found, the message is delivered to postmaster (defined in control file). Import also sends a NetWare broadcast message after delivery to all active users who had new mail. Mail can be redirected from one user to another (or to several others, or to group). Import can also handle NetWare groups and send a message to all group members. Mailing to groups can be enabled on group basis using the redirection section of control file.
  • Sleeper is a simple utility for wasting time. Basically, what it does is scanning PMAIL's outbound mail directory every N minutes and exiting if any outbound is found. It also counts minutes since last mail session and exits when given number of minutes is passed.

Mastgate can also be used as alternative transport method for Mercury. (Yes, that means Mercury over UUCP). IMPORT will have all it's message routing and notification disabled and will just deliver all messages into Mercury spool directory, Mercury will pick them up and deliver from there.

Mastgate can be used on standalone configuration and on non-NetWare LANs. Import uses the same way as PMAIL to locate user's mail directory. There is a support for forming equivavlent of netware groups on non-netware lans.

Documentation is now available in MS-Word format. It's in compressed form because people had trouble getting it (right-clicking in the Netscape would have worked, but left-click just caused this file to be displayed as text.)

You can now download an updated IMPORT3.EXE which supports STRIPUUCP=YES option in [WAFFLE.IMPORT] section to strip the UUCP transport envelope from the incoming messages ('From ' line).

JOHAN@tpcom.se (Johan Hansson) sent me a copy of FXUUCICO which is drop-in replacement for Waffle's UUCICO offering better throughput and more options. It is shareware, so please register with the author if you are going to use it.

Download Mastgate 3.42d
Download printable documentation
Download updated IMPORT3.EXE


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