On this page you can find and index to some code that I've written, and some (hopefully) useful information.

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Very old stuff

If you still do something for DOS-based embedded systems, some of these might turn out to be useful:

  • Mastgate UUCP gateway program for Pegasus Mail, can handle Netware in bindery mode, non-netware lans and standalone mode is implemented using user directories.
  • Cooperative Multitasking Library This Borland C specific cooperative multitasking engine allows you to run C functions as separate threads. The library also includes functions that implement message passing, queues, semaphores, and timers.
  • SLICK! Text-mode windowing toolkit for basic window functions.You also get some useful code (like functions that implement C-Worthy(tm) look and feel) to go with it. $35 gives you source code.
  • Estonian countryand language settings for MS-DOS and Windows 3.x A set of files that implement Estonia country-specific locales for MS-DOS and Windows 3.x, including 3 Truetype fonts. Installation programs included for both. This is an official software which won the competition held for best implementation and was then released to public domain.
  • dBase file access toolkit Very basic functions for reading/writing/creating dBaseII and dBaseIII format DBF files. No indexing, but has FoxPro style memo file access functions. Cute little toolkit for ad-hoc file format conversion stuff. Source code and documentation included.
  • INI file access toolkit Toolkit for handling Windows style INI file read/write/update and parsing. Also has a loader function that can read, parse and convert all settings from INI file in one pass.
  • DOS application support for WIN95 API Wrappers for low-level API calls that allow DOS application to change the DOS window title bar and check for application close button request in Win9x.


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