Why am I creating another Btrieve page?

User support for Btrieve, being neglected by Novell for many years, virtually ended after the BTI spinoff from Novell. The much awaited updated WWW site was a big disappointment as well - most of it is just marketing bullshit, the tech papers dealed mostly with installation issues and the only deep stuff originates from Novell bullets which is years old (which does not necessarily mean that it's useless). I wondered what were these guys thinking, after all most of their customers are software developers? This is why I decided to create my own page, hoping that it will actually be better than BTI's own - maybe it'll make them rethink their customer support strategy.

So now you know.

By 1999, things have considerably changed, Btrieve has it's own newsgroup with a dedicated person following it and helping anyone; they have made much of the documentation available on their web site, and in general Pervasive seems to be a completely different company now. Way to go!

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