Btrieve error 94 (permission error)

Your application tried to open or create a file in a directory without the proper privileges or the file was marked Read-Only. Btrieve does not override the network privileges assigned to users. This error can also occur if you try to access the same file via requester and DOS or Windows version of Btrieve. Netware Btrieve 6.x can open Read-Only files in Read Only mode, but returns status 46 if you try to write to file. When accessing Btrieve on Netware Runtime Server, you need to specify /C:1,USERNAME,PASSWORD option to Brequest and the USERNAME cannot be SUPERVISOR. If you are running 32-bit requester, you may be missing W32BTICM.DLL in your path. You also need a permission for at least 2 concurrent logins on Netware server if you run under Windows. This error is also returned if you are using space characters in path names. Btrieve engine cannot use spaces in pathnames, Pervasive recommends moving your files to path that does not use long names at all.

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