Btrieve error 81 (lock error)

This error can result from any one of these conditions: - The Btrieve lock table was full. Decrease the number of locks that your application uses or reconfigure the NetWare Btrieve Record Manager and specify a higher value for the "Maximum Number of Record Locks" option. - The lock function call to NetWare failed - The application tried to unlock one record that was locked with a multiple record lock, and the record position stored in the data buffer did not correspond with any record that was locked in that file. - On peer-to-peer networks you may need to set DeleteLockFile option to no if you are using Btrieve 6.15 or newer. This is relater to new, MultiEngine Filesharing Mode where Btrieve keeps track of other engines with the .LCK files. This status code can be caused by the number of NetWare locks per connection or systemwide locks on the server being set too low. Both record and file locks can be increased using the Console SET command. On NetWare 4.1x servers this can also be done using the SERVMAN.NLM utility.

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