Btrieve error 20 (record manager inactive)

The operation was not processed because BREQUEST or the NetWare Btrieve Record Manager was not loaded. This status may also occur if you attempt to access a Btrieve file on a local hard disk using the requester version of WBTRCALL.DLL or you have loaded BREQEST. Btrieve also returns this status if you request a function that is only available at server (like switching continuos mode). Btrieve requester 6.15 returns this error if you try to use SERVER/VOL:\PATH\FILENAME.EXT style filenames. A 16-bit Windows application running on Windows 95 may return status 20 after installing PCAnywhere v7.5. After uninstalling PCAnywhere, the application worked as expected. The problem no longer occurred after installing PCAnywhere v8.0.

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