Btrieve error 14 (pre-image open error)

(For versions of Btrieve prior to 6.0) The pre-image file could not be created or opened. There are several possible causes for this error: - Btrieve could not create a new pre-image file because your disk directory is full. Btrieve must be able to create a pre-image file - Btrieve could not open the pre-image file to restore file integrity of the pre-image file that was erased or damaged, Btrieve cannot restore the file's integrity. In this case, either use BUTIL -RECOVER to retrieve the damaged file's data records in a sequential file, or replace the most recent backup. - Btrieve could not assign a handle to the pre-image file because the NetWare Btrieve Record Manager was not started by a user with access rights to the pre-image file. - The Abort Transaction with single-record, no-wait lock (operation 221) was initiated on the file. The file could not be opened in any mode if this happened, it is a bug and should not occur if you are using newer than 5.10 version of Btrieve. - You have pre-version-6 preimage file and you try to open file with v6 engine. Using a 6.15 local engine to open a 5x file may return status 14. Using a 5x engine to open the file returns status 42 - a file previously opened in accelerated mode was not closed. This may be resolved by using a hex-editor to go to the B hex byte (zero relative) and changing the hex 40 in this location to 00. Then save the changes and try the open. This was only attempted on files containing a hex 40 at the specified location. Back up the data before attempting this. The status 14 may also be corrected using the DOS Engine 5x and butil -recover, copying the records to a sequential flat file and then loading them into a new file. The recover works because it opens the file in read-only mode. To avoid the status 14 altogether, convert the files to 6x format.

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