Btrieve error 11 (invalid file name)

The filename specified for the Table Location has a defined file location which is not a valid DOS filename. This error is also returned if you specify filename with extension .^^^ or data buffer for Begin or End continous operation is illegal. You may get this error from Windows 95 DOS boxes for several reasons: - Remove LASTDRIVE= from CONFIG.SYS. - Windows 95 REV B OEM with versions of BREQUEST prior to 6.16.445 can cause Status 11's and Status 12's. Update BREQUEST. - Older versions of CLIB for NetWare 4.10 can cause Status 12's, depending on the location of the file. Update CLIB.NLM - Windows 95 with Novell Client32 and NetWare 3.11 sometimes get status 11 or 12. Load SHORTAFX.NLM on the NetWare 3.11 server. The Readme included with the Novell Client32 for Win95 indicates that this patch fixes long file name resolution problems, but this also addresses "status 11 and status 12 in a DOS box" problems.

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