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Btrieve Complete Btrieve Complete
A Guide for Developers and System Administrators
Jim Kyle
About half of this book is about (undocumented) Btrieve file format. This knowledge of course can come in handy, but it's of little use if you just try to figure out the Btrieve API calls. However, The first four chapters are an excellent introduction to Btrieve, databases in general and indexing methods. There is also a chapter which lists various Btrieve tools and utilities and one that talks about optimizing Btrieve setup. However the (quite brief) "Getting to Know Btrieve" chapter also lists the API calls and their parameters, so if you have Btrieve that you got bundled with Netware and just want to put it to use, this book and our web site should be enough to get going.
Btrieve Developer's Journal Btrieve Developer's Journal
Published by Smithware, Inc.
ISSN: 1071-7463
This is the only Btrieve journal I know of, maybe that explains why it is so expensive. The subscription is $49 for one year (four issues) for US delivery and $79 international delivery. Back issues are available at $20 per issue. For 32 pages (minus BTI and Smithware ads) that's pretty steep. Anyway, they do have technical stuff which is very hard to come by anywhere else, so if you are seriously into Btrieve, you can order it from Smithware, Inc., they can also bundle Jim Kyle's "Btrieve Complete" and Richard B. Trocino's "Illustrated Guide to Netware Btrieve 6.x" with the subscription at $15 off the cover price each. On the other hand, Smithware is now putting out back issues on their WWW site in Adobe Acrobat format - you can't get back issues any cheaper anywhere..
Illustrated Guide to Netware Btrieve 6.x Illustrated Guide to Netware Btrieve 6.x
Richard B. Trocino
ISBN: 0-9640897-1-8
A pretty good book that covers both operational and programming issues.

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